About Us

Who are we? Good question, well, we are Cathy and Stephen Dodgson, now living in Newlyn, a beautiful seaside town and fishing port in South-West Cornwall, still loving life (as much as we can!) and trying not to stress with anything.

Our three children are making their own way in the world now in spread around Wales, Scotland and Tenerife and we are left on our own to explore wherever we wish. Since moving back to the UK in 2014 this has included trips to and around Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, Cornwall, Wales, England, did we mention Cornwall?

Mmm, Cornwall, so good we decided to relocate there! More about that later.

We both love taking photos and so there will be plenty of images on this site, hopefully with some background or comments, but often just photos.

One of our other interests is Family History, we have found some amazing coincidences whilst researching and of course met some fabulous relatives during the process (Our plan to travel to the US to catch up with some of the Grenfell clan has been put on hold for the moment – our move to Cornwall took priority this year!).

We hope you enjoy sharing our exploring!