St Ives Seaglass Co

Moving to a new area is always fun, lots of places to explore, new people to meet and of course finding new, local businesses that provide interesting products or just great services.

Cathy and I will be sharing a few of these here to try and spread the joy! Cathy, strangely enough, has already found her new favourite cafe. I haven’t been there yet, but understand the food and coffee are really good. Will have to visit soon so I can review it here.

However, I want to start with a lovely lady and her business first. Melanie, and her St Ives Seaglass Co, funnily enough based in St Ives, collect ‘seaglass’ from the beaches around there and transform them into beautiful Jewellery, ideal for any occasion – and unique too!

Seaglass Wineglass

There are loads of different products available, including necklaces, bracelets, anklets (I think), earrings, and many others too – have a look through the Facebook page for ideas – all are lovingly handmade and you are sure to be very happy with your choice, whether it is for you or a special friend!

From time to time Mel will have special offers, like the fantastic (Christmas Type) Baubles, produced to include seaglass and some sand from your favourite beach in St Ives – not just for Christmas, but also for your Memories xx

You will find St Ives Seaglass at the some of the local markets, for example the Farmers Market at St Ives Guildhall, but you will always find them on line. If you can’t visit in person, why not send Mel a message and I am sure your chosen gift will be able to be posted out to you.

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