Hevleni my a wra dyski Kernewek!

Well, maybe that’s a bit of a long shot, to be honest, but I hope to gain a few words and phrases at the very least.

I made a start on Monday evening by attending the first of 6 evenings run by Go Cornish being held at The Admiral Benbow in Penzance. Well, the first one was held there, here’s hoping the others will continue there after the electrics were blown when a heater was plugged in to keep us warm!

The first hour was spent with Will and Kap’n Pol introducing us to some friendly greetings that we could use, it was clear a few of the other ‘pupils’ had a head start, but as long as I could see the idiot cards hanging up then I got the hang of it (once they came down the old mind went a bit blank though!).

After that it was time for Kana Diwotti (or Cornish Singing) with Eler and by the end of the second hour all of us were singing along to a couple of songs in Cornish – Amazing, who would have thought, not yet two months since we arrived and already part of the Para Kernewek Pennsans?

Excited for next week already!

(Oh, and the title of this post? “This year I’m going to learn Cornish!”)

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