Fire Causes Major Rethink!

Fire Damaged Washing MachineWell, the fire that the Dodgson Family sufferred in their Tenerife Home at the end of December has set off a whole chain of events resulting in one major decision … after just over 10 years they will be leaving Tenerife and relocating to Scotland!

Never say Never is a phrase that has been used in the past, but even Stephen was surprised at the speed in which this most recent change has happened.

A number of reasons have been mentioned for this huge decision, including the economic situation in Tenerife, the job situation, Elinor’s education (the College is just not giving her what she needs) and being closer to more of their family and friends.

They will have a lot of organising to carry out during the next few weeks, before celebrating their departure with a massive party at The Irish Times in Los Cristianos (pop it in your diary, Friday, 28th March) and then flying off on the 2nd April.

One thought on “Fire Causes Major Rethink!

  1. Cathy

    Yes, we are really looking forward to this next chapter in our life, new adventures to be had and new friends to be made!


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